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Established in Oxford, England in 1994, Posaune Voce Trio comprises the unique and most interesting combination of soprano, keyboard and the virtuosic talents of the charismatic trombonist Ken Shifrin.
The name Posaune Voce derives from the German word for Trombone and the Italian for Voice, reflecting that the chief composers for this combination were German and Italian speakers. This instrumentation was very popular during the Baroque period at the Vienna Court as well as in Salzburg and Prague, particularly in sacred music, and the Trio breathes new life into the long-neglected, original works of the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Leopold Mozart, Michael Haydn, Albrechtsberger, Tuma, Fux, Caldara and Ziani among others.
The Trio's repertoire is varied and wide-ranging -- from the Baroque to Broadway -- and makes full use of the possibilities inherent in the mellifluous blend of voice and trombone. A regular guest on both sides of the Atlantic, including appearances at the International Smetana Festival, the Bratislava and Dresden Summer Festivals, the prestigious Dvorak Festival as well as at leading venues in Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Washington, DC, Posaune Voce Trio performs in a highly entertaining style, creating a real interaction with audiences which has become a hallmark of its programmes. In addition to concerts the Trio also presents masterclasses, lecture-recitals and pre-concert talks.
Whether arias from Handel's favourite oratorios or Gershwin's best loved melodies, this most exciting of ensembles never fails to impress.

Virgo House, 47 Cole Bank Rd., Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8EZ. tel/fax 0121-7785569